Give the Gift of Glamping, Adventure, and Lifelong Memories.
These magical Urban River Adventures Eco-Tourism Glamping Resort near Edmonton Alberta is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to explore the great outdoors. Our gift certificates do not expire. They can be used to schedule any Urban River Adventure that we offer. Glamping, Tree Tent Camping, Kayaking, River Boat Tours, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Island Hopping, Back Country Workshops, River Floats, Jet Boat Tours and Gold Panning are all currently available for the 2022 season. (May 15th - Oct 2nd).

There are a limited number of gift certificates available. Don't miss out on giving this unique gift of adventure that is exclusive to Edmonton.
Dalai Lama
"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay."
Why gift certificates?
Urban River Adventures understands how hard it is to schedule an adventure months in advance. For that reason, we have created gift certificates. These great gift ideas can be used to guarantee an adventure for yourself this summer or they can be given as a gift so the lucky recipient can schedule the ideal date for their favorite activity.

Most of our packages include all of the camping and activity gear. Delicious food can also be provided if you want us to take care of that too. At Urban River Adventures we take care of the details.

Booking from May 15th - Oct 2nd 2022.
Gift Buying Options
Give the Gift of Glamping, Local Adventure and Lifelong Memories this Holiday Season with Urban River Adventures.
-Option 1-
Gift Certificate
Send a gift certificate for the holidays! These never expire, you can schedule the delivery time, and you can create your own custom amount.
-Option 2-
Gift Reservation
You can also select a date and book accommodation for the gift recipient. Send them the booking details in a card or gift box. This is a great way to guarantee your recipient accommodation on the island during a specific month or day! Need to reschedule? Not a problem - we allow reschedules 10 days prior to the reservation date!
-Option 3-
Gift for YOU!
Do you want this gift for yourself? Leave a hint and share this post with your friends and family! Maybe you'll get the gift of adventure for yourself.
What can you buy with the gift certificate price options?
Here are some examples of what your gift recipient can buy with your generous gift.
*These adventure possibilities are all for a single night or single activity.
$$$ - Custom
Choose an amount to apply towards an adventure with us! Whether that be Glamping, Family Glamping, Tree Tenting, or River Activities.
$175 - Glamping for One
One hundred and seventy-five dollars is a great gift that could be used to cover the full amount for one person Glamping, or VIP Tree Tent Camping. These adventures are double occupancy so they would need to find a friend to join them.
$350 - Glamping for Two
Three hundred fifty dollars is a great gift that could be used to cover the amount for 2 people Glamping, or VIP Tree Tent Camping.
$500 - VIP Glamping for Two
Five hundred fifty dollars is a great gift that could be used to cover the amount for 2 people VIP Glamping, VIP Tree Tent Camping and activities, Regular Glamping and activities

Once you've purchased your Gift Certificate,
you can download this Gift Card to give as a Physical Gift.

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