The Time Has Finally Come for an Exciting Announcement!
After 2 years of serving guests and getting feedback we are moving forward with upgrades, improvements and activities that will provide an outstanding experience. Since October 2022 we have been working hard on an exciting resort expansion and rebrand. We are finally able to announce that IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!
New Luxury Accomodation
We have sourced the finest and most unique luxury 4-season glamping accommodations in the world. The new accommodation will be added to our beautiful 128-acre property along with custom-built treehouse-style cabins.
2 Years of Guest Feedback Provided Many Reasons to Upgrade, Expand, and Rebrand.
Urban River Adventures resort is expanding and rebranding for many reasons. Glamping is becoming very popular and our guests are expecting a high-level experience with an exceptional stay. By combining the comforts of luxury accommodations with the beauty of the outdoors, we offer a distinctive way to connect with nature without compromising on comfort.

The need for a 4-season resort in Canada plays a crucial role in the decision to expand. Many traditional camping sites or outdoor accommodations are limited by seasonal variations in weather. However, we now recognize the value of providing a year-round experience for our guests. By expanding the resort, we can offer glamping options and experiences that cater to different seasons, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their stay regardless of the weather conditions. The new accommodation will be very luxurious with full bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, private hot tubs, and spectacular views. This expansion will offer guests a year-round experience with seasonal activities and environments that will be extremely memorable.

The resort location on the magical North Saskatchewan River is close to an international airport and is en route to the Canadian Rocky Mountains further validating the possibility of creating an international tourist attraction for the region. Urban River Adventures has demonstrated its appeal to visitors. By enhancing this successful concept at a larger scale, with luxury accommodation we can optimize the guest experience.

In addition to glamping, the expansion also aims to cater to the demand for more activities. The North Saskatchewan River offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and river rafting. The addition of mountain biking and eBike facilities is another request received from guest feedback. Mountain biking is great for all ages and most activity levels. The 128-acre property has extensive room for bike trails and terrain. By incorporating mountain biking trails and facilities within the expanded resort, we can attract a new demographic of adventure seekers.

The expansion also takes into account the rising popularity of Nordic spa activities. Nordic spas, with their focus on relaxation, hydrotherapy, and wellness, have gained a considerable following. We are installing a hot pool, cold pool, saunas and a common area with a snack bar and patio. This will provide guests with a holistic and rejuvenating experience after their day of fun activity. This addition not only enhances the overall appeal of the resort but also acknowledges our guests' requests for wellness-focused activities.

Stay tuned for an exciting new rebrand to encapsulate all of these exciting changes...
How Can I be Involved?
We know our guests are passionate about everything we are doing and many want to be involved.

Get Involved!!
We are currently seeking passionate:
River Boat Drivers
Skilled Construction Workers
Outdoor Enthusiasts
Mountain Bike Experts
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