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2023 Season - Starting May 1st 2023

Social / Environmental Action Plan and Land Acknowledgement(LINK)

Created to give Edmontonians, Albertans and international travelers the opportunity to experience the local, natural adventures within their own city. A lot of people don't take advantage of the amazing outdoor resources that the North Saskatchewan River offers. We are here to make it accessible and easy for you to enjoy.
Edward Abbey
"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit."
The North Saskatchewan River is a glacier-fed river that flows from the Canadian Rockies continental divide east to central Saskatchewan, where it joins with the South Saskatchewan River to make up the Saskatchewan River. Its water flows eventually into the Hudson Bay. The Saskatchewan River system is the largest shared between the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Its watershed includes most of southern and central Alberta and Saskatchewan. - Wikipedia
In 2021, our inaugural year, we used a beautiful crown land island just upstream from Edmonton. We had over 4000 guests out to this incredible island throughout the 2021 season. This island was only accessible by boat and that brought along with it many logistical challenges. Moving guests, gear, decks, domes, food, waste, laundry, and staff all day, every day was a lot. We can proudly say that 'WE DID IT!!" What a year!! At the end of the season was also had to remove everything and return the island to its natural state. We are happy to say we accomplished that as well and left the island in its most natural state for others to enjoy.
Islands in Edmonton's river valley were once a big draw for turn-of-the-century Edmontonians keen for a communion with nature or afternoon picnics.
"They would go out and people would picnic all day long," said Shirley Lowe, former historian laureate for the City of Edmonton.
- https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/edmonton-b...

For 2022/2023, we've connected with an incredible 128-acre private property and we are excited to announce that our new Eco-Tourism Glamping Resort is underway.

We have always had the vision of finding a permanent home for Urban River Adventures. The crown land island gave us a great first year but having to take it all down at the end of the season and return the island to its natural state was very labor-intensive and counterproductive when building our business.

Our new property is on the North Saskatchewan River, just upstream from the 2021 island. It has 128 acres to explore. The property has a lot of history. In the early 1900's it was a ferry terminal and one of the few ways to cross the North Saskatchewan River.
This great new property includes 2 amazing levels and a beautiful ravine. The upper 'View Level' offers spectator views of the river valley and the lower 'Island Level' offers a true, river, waterfront experience.

Be the first to experience more accommodation, grand views, bigger decks, more glam, more activities, proper toilets, jet boat tours, hot tub, sauna, flexible arrival/departure times, and the ability to continue to evolve this unique experience year after year.
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Dome Glamping
$125 - $145 per person

Price includes a fully equipped glamping tent, camping activities, and food if you select VIP.

Glamping along the North Saskatchewan River is magical. We provide all the gear, you just need to pack a bag, come dressed for the weather and bring a cooler full of food for your stay. If you reserve a VIP adventure, then your food is included.
Our domes come with a queen-sized bed with pillows and bedding provided.
Add three guests to your booking by adding a twin bed to your tent for $75.

Please read our description and location of each dome so you are prepared for your adventure!

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Family Glamping
Starting at $112.50 per person

Price a fully equipped glamping tent, camping activities, and food if you select VIP.

Our Family Glamping dome comes equipped with two King sized beds with pillows and bedding provided.

We provide all the gear, you just need to pack a bag, come dressed for the weather and bring a cooler full of food for your stay. If you reserve a VIP adventure, then your food is included.

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River Activities
$75 - $187.50 per person.

Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Gold Panning, River Floats, Backcountry Camping Workshops and Island Hopping Tours are all the paid activities that we offer. There are also free activities to keep you having fun while youre at the resort. You can schedule an activity with or without a camping trip.
*PFD's are provided.

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What to bring(Gear list):
Camping is expensive. You need to purchase upwards of $1000 in gear to make camping vacations comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. You also need to spend $100's on fuel to get to the great camping locations. At Urban River Adventures we provide you with all of the essential camping gear during your stay so you can try it hassle-free and without the big upfront financial commitment.

We provide our camping adventures along the North Saskatchewan River. We want to make comfortable, natural camping adventures accessible to everyone. Come and enjoy nature in the best way possible, on an island with exceptional camping gear.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) page if you have any unanswered questions.
  • What we provide:
    Fully Equipped Tent:
    • Mattress, Pillow, Sheets & Duvet (Glamping Accommodation)
    • Sleeping bag, pillows (Tree Tent Accommodation)
    • Camp lights, flashlight, and headlamp
    • Table / Chairs
    • Towels/washcloth
    • Drinking-Water
    • Sanitizer
    • One Whistle per tent

    • 1 Bundle of firewood for cooking (Additional firewood available for purchase.)
    • Lighter
    • Campfire grill
    • Paper towel & trash bags are available
    • Campfire and cooking equipment is available for use.

  • What you need to bring:
    Food for your Stay (Unless you purchased the VIP package that includes food):
    • Campfire friendly food and snacks(ie: burgers, hotdogs, vegetables, meat, corn, popcorn, eggs, bacon, marshmallows, Smores...)Seasonings/sugar/condiments
    • Hot chocolate/tea bags/coffee

    Personal(Be prepared for the weather):
    • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions
    • Warm clothing for evenings
    • Socks/extra socks
    • Hat/Bandana
    • Sleep clothes
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Rain gear
    • Gloves
    • Canteen/water bottle
    • Sunglasses
    • Swimsuit/towel
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste
    • Sunscreen/chapstick
    • Deodorant
    • Bug Spray
    • Menstrual products
    • Cards/games/toys/a book
    • Personal medications - take extra, EpiPen if required
    • Camera/Video
    • Daypack
  • Other:
    Your adventure will continue regardless of the weather conditions. Check the forecast prior to your trip and come prepared for the weather.

    *Please note: Appropriate preparation and attire is essential to making your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

    Checkout some helpful tips on how to avoid back pain while camping from out friends at Summit Physiotherapy!

    If you booked a paid activity, we provide the equipment for your adventure and the PFD's if required.

    Island Hopping Tour:
    If you booked the island hopping tour. We provide the tents, sleeping gear, cooking/eating equipment and waterproof bags to hold your belongings.

    VIP (Food Included) Package:
    If you purchased the VIP package with your adventure, you will have dinner, coffee, breakfast and snacks provided for each night you stay. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions in the notes when you reserve your dates. We are happy to accommodate.
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