2023 Eco-Tourism Glamping Resort Bookings.
Every $100 spent on a booking or gift certificate also includes 10 entries to our $1000 Holiday Glamping Giveaway. (Ends Dec 23rd)

Gift Certificates are available here(LINK).

Booking Includes: Camping activities, hot tub, sauna, and fully equipped glamping accommodation.

Discounted weekday domes and, for a limited time, the BOGO 50% discount is automatically applied to multiple-night bookings.
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2023 Season Pricing
BOGO 50 - 50% off your second night(automatically applied)
GET15 - 15% off your booking(Must enter GET15 discount code)

2023 URA Pricing:
(Weekday Dome Glamping is Discounted)
Cabin With A View - $250 to $290 Double Occupancy
Dome Glamping - $114.50 to $145 per person
Tree Tent Camping - $100 per person
VIP Campfire Dinner, S'mores, Breakfast, Coffee, and Snack- $62.50 per person
NEW Cedar Hot tub - $Free w/booking
NEW Sauna - $Free w/booking
River Activities- $75 - $187.50
Gift Certificate - $custom options
Extra bed/person - $75
*Based on double occupancy
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Pricing & Discounts
Types of Domes - Upper Level
All domes have an incredible view. Each is further away from the parking lot and through various types of terrain. This increases the difficulty of the hike to your accommodation and makes it less accessible.

Family Glamping Dome 1 (U1): Hike-easy, closest to office/parking.

Family Glamping Dome 2( U2): Hike-easy, Second closest to office/parking

Central Glamping Dome (U3): Hike-easy, 3 minute walk away from common area. Grass and wood chipped trails.

New Glamping Domes 4 and 5(U4, U5): Hike - Moderate, 5 minute walk to accommodation from common area, Grass and wood chipped trails.

Cozy Backcountry Dome (U6): Hike- Difficult, 10 minute walk though the backcountry. Guests must hike in with their own gear.
Types of Domes - Lower Level
Our lower level domes offer a backcountry glamping experience. There is a large groomed path that is a bit of a hike, and a steeper path that is direct to the lower level. We advise all guests to come with what they are prepared to hike downhill with.

Backcountry Beach Dome (L3) : Hike - Difficult, Not Easily Accessible.

New Backcountry Dome (L4): Hike - Difficult, Not Easily Accessible. Nearest to the beach access.

**We strongly advise that if any guests have mobility issues, have trouble walking, have flare up during physical activity and are pregnant to camp on the upper level as the lower level is not as accessible as the upper level and offers a backcountry walk in experience.
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