Social and Environmental Action Plan
With Respect, Our Land Acknowledgement
Social Actions
We are listening and educating ourselves to become more effective allies. We are taking responsibility for making changes that will help others be successful.
  • Acknowledging History
    Urban River Adventures acknowledges that the islands we are using are situated on traditional First Nations and Metis land. This is also known as Treaty 6 Territory. We understand that Kisiskâciwanisîpiy (North Saskatchewan River) holds a rich history with many stories and traditions. We are grateful and humbled to share this space. As we continue to learn more about the history and traditions on the land, we will share that knowledge with our guests during our unique experiences.
  • Indigenous Partnerships
    Although we are not an Indigenous-owned business, our hiring practices and partnerships create space for an Indigenous voice. These hiring practices will continue as we grow and evolve. We are working to gain an understanding of the history of the land, obtain knowledge of oppressive policies and learn about local treaty relationships.
  • Support Local
    It is always important to support local business especially during this uncertain time of Covid-19. We are working to source as many local products and services as possible. We are currently building relationships with local food establishments, local distributors / manufacturers, local service providers and traditional makers of Indigenous goods.
  • Create Opportunity
    Covid has caused mental health issues, job loss, business hardship and financial struggles that we have personally dealt with as a team. We understand that many families are struggling right now, so we have created an opportunity for low-income families to enjoy our experiences for free. If your family or a family that you know is struggling financially and would like to enjoy this opportunity, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We have reserved 50 Glamping experiences per season for this community initiative.
Growing Together
We have read the many comments about the camping injustices and inequities that exist in Edmonton that allow certain groups of society to use spaces while other groups are denied and forcibly removed from similar spaces. We need to address our privilege that enabled us to ignore the inequities and realities experienced by fellow citizens who only wanted the same advantages and access. We are listening and educating ourselves to become an effective ally and to take responsibility for making changes that will help others be successful. We are meeting with organizations that work with vulnerable populations and with local Indigenous community members and leaders to explore and develop opportunities and partnerships. We are committed to inclusive hiring practices and will continue with this as we grow. There are many more actions for us to take and important conversations to have but going forward we are determined to do better as people, and as a business so that everyone in our community can benefit.
Enviromental Actions
Urban River Adventures prides itself on educating our guests on the importance of outdoor ethics. We ensure that these seven 'Leave No Trace' principles are adhered to on the land we are using and we encourage everyone to follow these principles every time you're out enjoying nature.
  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
    Our guides, management and ownership are constantly planning, scheduling and training to offer the best possible experiences to our guests. Our goal is to provide a safe, and enjoyable Glamping experience while leaving a minimal footprint on the land.

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  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
    We ensure the use of durable surfaces and have also confirmed that our sites will be changed every 14 days to allow for regrowth of any walking path vegetation.

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  • Dispose of Waste Properly
    We are helping to remove any other waste that we find in the beautiful river valley system. With the use of covered eco-toilets and the education of our guests, we are able to effectivly make this happen.

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  • Leave What You Find
    There is a lot to discover on these remote North Saskatchewan River. We educate our guests on the importance of leaving any plants, rocks, archaeological artifacts and any other objects of interest for future generations to discover and enjoy.

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  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
    Campfires are used for cooking on our resort. Guests are provided with firewood that is sourced locally. Each guest will have enough firewood to cook their meals and have a fire in their woodburning furnace depending on the weather / temperature. All guests will be educated on fire safety, fire starting, extinguishing and lessening the impact when using campfires.

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  • Respect Wildlife
    The North Saskatchewan River is full of amazing wildlife. Our guests will be informed on the proper way to quietly observe wildlife from a distance. We will provide education on how to store food securely and handle waste properly. We want to ensure that our guests leave with knowledge of how to properly enjoy their natural surroundings along with the wildlife.

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  • Be Considerate of Others
    We want everyone to enjoy nature and have the most positive and memorable experience. We don't permit excessive noise, unleashed pets, drunkenness or obtrusive behaviour.

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