Urban River Adventures. Unique Glamping Accommodation.
Experience Edmonton from the eco-tourism resort along the North Saskatchewan River.
Dalai Lama
"There is an old Tibetan saying: wherever you feel at home, you are at home. If your surroundings are pleasant, you are at home."
Glamping Options
Every site has an incredible view. We take care of all the details. Come. Stay. Enjoy.

$125 - $145 per person
Arrive at the resort and settle into one of our amazing glamping accommodations. Start your fire and start preparing your dinner. If you have the VIP package, custom meal kits are created for you to cook over the campfire. Relax by the fire, go for a hike and enjoy the evening. Wake up in the morning to breakfast(VIP), and go out for a river hike or maybe try your hand at gold panning.

Price includes a fully equipped glamping tent, camping activities, and food if you select VIP.
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VIP Package
Add $62.50 per person
Food is included when you are VIP. Custom meal kits are prepared by Drift Food Truck especially for you. You will be amazed by the flavours that come from cooking these custom meals on the campfire.
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We have 8 geodesic glamping domes, and 2 family dome. They all offer a very different glamping experience.
Reserve 2023 Dates
Types Of Domes - Upper Level
All domes have an incredible view. Each is further away from the parking lot and through various types of terrain. This increases the difficulty of the hike to your accommodation and makes it less accessible.
  • Family Glamping Dome 1 (U1): Hike-easy, closest to office/parking.
  • Family Glamping Dome 2( U2): Hike-easy, Second closest to office/parking
  • Central Glamping Dome (U3): Hike-easy, 3 minute walk away from common area. Grass and wood chipped trails.
  • New Glamping Domes 4 and 5(U4, U5, U7, U8): Hike - Moderate, 5 minute walk to accommodation from the common area, Grass and wood-chipped trails.
  • Cozy Backcountry Dome (U6): Hike- Difficult, 10 minute walk though the backcountry. Guests must hike in with their own gear.
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