We answered the most popular questions about Urban River Adventures. If you didn't find the answer here, we'll be glad to help you by e-mail.
  • I just booked an adventure, now what?
    Have a look at our Welcome Package on how to best prepare. Make sure every guest in the reservation fills in the safety waiver.
    If you booked VIP make sure to get your VIP meal requests in 10 days prior to your reservation!
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  • How do I edit or add 'add-ons' to my reservation?
    Guests can add extra's to their bookings by clicking on the blue button "complete guest details" in the bottom right corner of the emailed invoice. From their guests can add additional guests and their emails.

    At the top of that page, click "continue to your receipt" That will take you to another page. On the right side of the screen click on : "view my bookings" From their guests can create their own user account login.

    After creating account, login to your new account and click on your name in the top right corner and select profile. Once there click on your booking you would like to add extras to. Select "edit this booking" at the top right hand side of the invoice

    At the top right you will see "add items" and you may add your add-ons to your reservation.

  • Where is the resort located?
    We are located at: 50505 Range Rd. 13 Parkland County AB.
    (53.35856407560284, -114.07344423723289)
    This is 30-40 mins west of Edmonton depending where you're coming from.

    The best way to get to the resort from Edmonton is the Anthony Henday (216) south and exiting at Maskekosihk Trail . From there you follow the road that turns into 23 ave and then highway 627. Drive on the 627 for most of the trip then take a left onto range road 12. You will take a right at township road 512 and then a left at range road 13. You will follow range road 13 until you see our sign on the left hand side and follow the road into our driveway.
  • What is the accessibility from the upper level to the lower level?
    There is a large groomed path that is a bit of a hike, and a steeper path that is direct to the lower level.

    Our lower level domes offer a backcountry glamping experience. We advise all guests to come with what they are prepared to hike downhill with.

    We strongly advise that if any guests have mobility issues, have trouble walking, have flare up during physical activity and are pregnant to camp on the upper level as the lower level is not as accessible as the upper level and offers a backcountry walk in experience.

  • What is the difference between the upper and lower level?
    Upper Level :
    1. Each guest staying on the upper level will still have access to explore the lower level and river front.
    2. There will be power available for each upper level dome 24/7.
    3. The upper level offers a gorgeous view of the river valley.
    4. There is a large groomed path and a steeper path that is direct to the lower level.
    5. There is 1 outdoor shower and 2 shared outhouse's on the upper level.
    6. Upper level domes are near the hot tub, sauna, guest services, and other amenities
    Lower Level:
    1. Guests are a shorter walk to the river, beach area, and river activities.
    2. Solar power will be used for charging, running fans and any other minor power needs.
    3. Offers a more disconnected glamping experience with domes being surround by plenty of trees and glamping right on the river front.
    4. Each site will either have individual compostable toilettes or shared outhouse's near by.
  • Are the hot tub & sauna times private time slots?
    No! Our hot tub can fit 6 guests at a time and the sauna can fit 4 guests. Often the sauna is a private slot as it does not hold many guests.

    Hot tub times are open to anyone as long as there are no more than 6 guests.

    Each time slot is 50 minutes long.
  • How many people will be camping at the resort?
    We have 10 glamping accomodations and 2 tree tents in total. Each can hold 2-3 guests and the family domes can hold 4-6 people.
  • What types of accomodations are available?
    Urban River Adventures provides tents fully equipped with quality camping gear.
    We currently have:
    10 Glamping tents - 8 dome style & 2 family dome
    2 Tree Tents - These are the elevated, hammock-like, tents suspended in the trees.
    1 Cabin

  • What do we do if we have 3 people?
    All of our Glamping accomodations are spacious enough to add a twin bed. If you have three people, please change guests number to 3 or reach out to add an additonal guest after initial reservation.
  • Are kids able to participate?
    Yes, kids are welcome. They must be under very close supervision by their parents. We can add a bed to any of the glamping tents to include an additional child or the kids can have their own tent in close proximity to the parents. Kids older than 16 can come on a camping trip with a waiver signed by their parents. Kids under 16 must have parents accompany them.
  • Do you charge for children?
    We charge $75 for a twin bed to be added to any of our accommodations to accommodate 3 guests. However, two children under the age of 12 can share the twin bed for no additional fee. We do not charge for children 3 and under.
  • How many people can sleep in the dome
    All of our tents are double occupancy. This means that 2 people can sleep in every type of tent. The Glamping domes are spacious enough to add a single bed and this can be done at an additional cost of $75/night or $142.50/night for VIP.
  • Are pets allowed at the resort?
    After careful consideration, we have decided to not allow any pets.

    There are moose, deer, coyotes, porcupine, beaver, eagles, hawks, rabbits, squirrels and many varieties of birds. Humans are great at watching and observing and dogs are not. Small dogs can be snatched by eagles and coyotes or get porcupine quills in their face. Dogs who aren't familiar with river swimming can be taken away by the current and require rescue. We may allow dogs in the future on leash but we need to establish a level of comfort with the animals who are already on the property first.

  • How do tree tents work?
    The entrance to our tree tents are on the side or bottom. They hang 2-5 feet above the ground for easy access unless otherwise requested. They are similar to sleeping in a hammock and have a max weight with gear of 800lbs and sleep 3 comfortably.
  • What is the max weight capacity for a Tree Tent?
    We have sourced the best quality Tree Tents and they have a capacity of 800lbs. That includes 2-3 people and all their gear.
  • Is there are specific age requirement to be able to stay in the tree tents?
    All ages are welcome in all of our tents. Age requirements for tree tenting are based on parents' discretion.
  • Are Personal Floatation Devices(PFD) provided?
    Yes, PFD's are provided for boat rides and paid activities.
  • Is there parking?
    Guests can safely park their vehicle overnight in the parking lot near the main reception building (Follow signs). Please make sure you register your vehicle at the link provided in the email sent 3 days prior to your trip to make sure your vehicle does not get tagged or towed.

    You are able to access your vehicle at anytime during your stay.

  • Do you provide bedding?
    We provide all bedding, duvet, and pillows in all of our glamping tents and sleeping bags, pillows, and air mattresses in our tree tents.
  • How should I tip my guide?
    Our guides work hard to provide an exceptional experience for you. They appreciate any gratuity that you offer. These can be done in cash or sent to: tips@ura-yeg.ca
  • If I bring my own food to cook, do you guys have cookware and utensils?
    Yes, we will provide cookware (pots, pans, campfire grill, plates, mugs) and utensils to guests who decide to bring their own meals.
  • How do VIP Meals work?
    We are working with Drift FoodTruck to provide VIP campfire meals.

    The meals will be prepared off-site and prepackaged for two. Your fire should be started 30 minutes prior to cooking your food. The meals are prepared by very experienced chefs who love to cook on a campfire. Each guest selects their meal kit options and cooks their meal to their liking.

    If there are any diet restrictions/allergies please make a note of it when booking and when making your meal selections.
  • What if I have food allergies/diet restrictions?
    We will accommodate all food allergies and diet restrictions. Please state them in the notes section of your booking and in your meal selection request form.
  • Whats included in the VIP meals
    Our VIP Meals are priced/ guest. They include breakfast, dinner, lunch/snack and a smores cookie treat. We will also provide coffee and tea each morning for the VIP guests. They are $62.50/person.

    The menu can be viewed here!
  • I've already reserved, can I still add VIP meals?
    Yes, we can add VIP meals to your booking up to 15 days prior to your reservation date.
  • Are there free activities?
    The free activities we offer are gold panning(around the campsite), smashball, slacklining, hiking, hammocks, and outdoor backyard games (bocci ball, ladder ball, corn hole.)
  • When is check-in and check-out?
    Check in: 3:00pm- 6:00pm
    Check out: 11:00am.
    We ask that guests have all their belongings out of their tent by 11:00 am the next day for cleaning.
  • What is the time length of the paid activities?
    They are approximately 2-4 hours total. Depending on the boat drop off location, you can enjoy an activity for 2 hours.

    These are self-guided adventures. Urban River Adventures makes river activities easy. You don't need the equipment, roof rack or truck. We pick you up in the jetboat, drive you upstream and drop you off for an afternoon of kayaking, paddleboarding, or a river float.
    *PFDs are provided.
    The duration of your activity is dependant on the river conditions & skill level.
    On average you can prepare for a 2 hour time in the water.

  • Where do I go for my river activity?
    All of our river activities will start at our boat launch on the lower level of the resort. The walk to the boat launch is about 25 minutes from the main office. Guests can follow our marked trails to hike to the launch.

    If you are arriving for a river activity before your check in, please give yourself enough time to meet at the boat prior to your activity.

    Guests can contact boat/resort staff at : 587-805-4297
  • Can we bring wine or beer?
    You may bring wine or beer. We just ask you to please limit consumption to your site and that glass bottles are avoided.
  • Will there be party groups?
    Some groups have one or two children but there definitely aren't any party groups. If there is a group booking we will ensure to keep them separate. The tents are distanced, and the river makes noise so even if people were playing music and talking loud, you should not be able to hear them.
  • What is the bathroom situation?
    There are 2 shared outhouse's on the upper level.
    Each site on the lower level will have individual compostable toilettes or shared outhouse's near by.
  • Are there showers?
    There are outdoor shower on the upper level.
  • Are there electrical outlets available?
    There is power at the main event tent and each of our glamping sites will have power.
    There will be power available for each upper level dome 24/7.
    Solar power will be used for charging, running fans and any other minor power needs for the lower level domes. We will run generators in the evening if required for a CPAP machine.
  • How far apart are the campsites?
    Each campsite is private and spaced apart from one another.
  • Do you have fishing gear?
    We have fishing gear for you to use at the resort, however, you are also welcome to bring your own. Just keep in mind that individuals older than 16 and under 65 will require a fishing license to fish. Fishing License Link
  • Do you have a single camper rate?
    Currently, we do not have a single camper rate. However, since we do not offer a single rate we will throw in VIP for free for any single camper. This will include all your meals and food during your stay.
  • Should I bring camp chairs?
    There is no need to bring camp chairs for the fire as we will have seating. However, if you want chairs to bring near the water then you must bring your own.
  • Is additional firewood available for purchase?
    Each reservation will be provided with a bundle of firewood for cooking. Should you wish to purchase additional firewood while you are at the resort, it is available for purchase from your account through your booking link
  • Am I able to bring my own kayak , paddleboard, or flotation devices?
    Absolutely! Feel free to bring your own water toys. We just ask you have your own life jackets as well. Our river access is on the lower level so we recommend guests with paddle-boards/kayaks to drive to either Constable Chelsey Robinson Park or Genesse Bridge and get in the water there.
  • Do you have a lost and found?
    If you happen to leave something behind, send us an email with the description and date of your booking and we will locate your lost item in our lost and found. We will hold items for 30 days.
  • When is the Resort open?
    We offer experiences from May-October.
  • Rescheduling due to weather?
    We are equipped and prepared for rain. If we have extreme weather then your trip can be deferred to a different date. As we are in Alberta and the weather is always changing, we ask you to come prepared for the forecasted weather.

    *Please note: Appropriate preparation and attire is essential to making your stay comfortable and enjoyable.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    Cancellations received more than 20 days before your reservation date will be fully refunded. Cancellations received with less than 20 days remaining will not be refunded. We send out a reminder email 15 days out from your adventure reservation.

    Gift cards are redeemable for Urban River Adventures only and are not redeemable for cash. For whatever reason, if the purchase is not used in the 2022 season, the full amount will be transferred to the following season. If a camping trip or activity was reserved and canceled less than 20 days prior to the reservation, no credit will be returned.

    If we are unable to host your adventure experience due to Covid-19 government intervention, the full amount will be applied to any activity or adventure at a later date. It is the guest's responsibility to follow all AHS guidelines when reserving their booking.
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